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Here's a collection of our TOP REQUESTED FORMS AND BROCHURES:

Applicant Information (PDF) 16K VICS Complete Reg Form (PDF) 54K VICS Cannabutter Recipe (PDF) 19K
* NEW * Applicant Information (Editable PDF) 39K * NEW * VICS Complete Reg Form (Editable PDF) 80K VICS Cannabis Oil Recipe (PDF) 19K
Physician's Consent Form (PDF) 28K VICS Information Brochure (PDF) 108K VICS Cannamist Recipe (PDF) 21K
* NEW * Physician's Consent Form (Editable PDF) 37K VICS Medical Cannabis Guide (PDF) 55K VICS Salve Recipe (PDF) 7K
Doctor Release Form (PDF) 30K VICS ByProducts Guide (PDF) 47K Katie's Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Recipe (PDF) 14K
* NEW * Doctor Release Form (Editable PDF) 37K
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