Registration Forms


Registration Instructions

  • 1. Fill out the "Applicant Information" form.
  • 2. Have your physician fill out the form marked "Physician's Consent Form".
  • 3. Fill out the "Doctor Release Form".
  • 4. Once all of the forms are complete, please mail them to:
    • The VICS
    • 853 Cormorant St.
    • Victoria, BC
    • V8W 1R2
  • Or you can fax your registration to:
    • fax: 250-381-8423
  • 5. When we receive your registration package, we will proceed with the fax/phone confirmation of condition with your physician.
  • 6. Once your recommendation is confirmed, the VICS will contact you to set up an appointment for registration. Should you have any questions or concerns, please can contact us at: (250) 381-8427 or email us at:
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