The Vics is an Australian Licensed Health Producer of Medical Cannabis products. We grow superior quality medical Cannabis under the best growing conditions, making it possible to offer optimal care that exceeds expectations.

The Vics is fueled by “Mother Nature” partnered with our team of experts, which turns it into the best possible harvest that perfectly yields the most ideal Cannabis medical products. We grow our Cannabis in excellent conditions so that it can work its wonders towards healing mankind.

  • 101% Home Grown – We take what Mother Nature gives: pure natural sunlight – grow it in an optimum location and turn it into a flourishing harvest.
  • 101% Fresh and Pure – The Vics goes above and beyond plant science integration to achieve optimum quality, medical-grade cannabis product that’s safe and reliable. We handle our Cannabis cultivation process with utmost precision to ensure medical grade Marijuana
  • 101% Supreme Patient Support – We take patient support very seriously, and we are making it our business to provide the most excellent care possible. We only offer high-quality products and services considered to be the best, next to none.