Medical Cannabis Education / February 2, 2023

Do CBD Gummies Have Any Health Benefits?

Being one of the main components in a cannabis plant, CBD has become more popular, and many people are embracing its use. And, if you have a sweet tooth and want to reap the benefits of CBD but loathe the earthy taste of it, you should try CBD gummies.
Besides the tasty flavors, high-quality hemp-derived gummies are believed to provide various health benefits. Keep reading to learn more about them!
What Are CBD Gummies?
Typically, CBD Gummies come as colorful candies that are infused with …

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Medical Cannabis Education / November 8, 2021

Cannabis and Breast Cancer

The rise of breast cancer cases among men and women is reported annually. To some who can’t relate, breast cancer may look like a mere statistic. However, this dreaded disease is real and has a grave impact not just on the lives of those who acquire it, but their families, too.
The statistics of U.S women acquiring breast cancer in their lifetime increases every year. According to studies, about 13% or 1 of 8 women develop this dreaded disease. Approximately 1 in 833 men, on the other hand, have a risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.
How does cannabis help?
Cannabis or marijuana is regarded…

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Medical Cannabis Education / November 7, 2021

The Surprising Truth about Cannabis and Headaches

Headaches, specifically migraines or chronic headaches, can be truly difficult to deal with. There are just no words to describe how complex the experience can be. It can range from a mild throbbing pain on your head to a truly life-altering experience that greatly affects your daily routine.
There is a wide array of medications available for this, both over-the-counter or prescription drugs. The thing about medications though is that you eventually develop immunity over it that you need to move on to the next drug that works. With this in mind, side effects and additional complications can prove to be inevitable.
Medical …

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Medical Cannabis Education / November 7, 2021

Cannabis for HIV/AIDS Management

Cannabis has been associated with HIV/AIDS management. It is noteworthy to discuss at the onset that cannabis or marijuana is used to help with the symptoms associated with HIV/AIDS, but NOT with the treatment. It does not cure patients from this illness, prevent them from acquiring the disease, or even help make it possible for them to get cured of it.
Rather, it helps make life easier to deal with.
Research on this matter is not as extensive compared to other cannabis contributions to the management of other illnesses. However, we cannot just discount the benefits of cannabis where HIV/AIDS is concerned.
Here are …

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