Cannabis Products Education / October 20, 2021

Vaporizing Cannabis Concentrate: A Refresher and An Up-to-Date Guide

What exactly is a cannabis concentrate?
Cannabis concentrates have been known for quite a while now and have become a popular option in smoking marijuana.
This is an extremely potent THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol, an active content of Cannabis), which could range from 40-80%. It has a honey-like appearance, almost similar to butter. It also has been said that its punching power is incomparable to other forms of weed. Smoking one is five times stronger in THC content. It is pure and heavily concentrated, and could even be equivalent to smoking 20 joints of top-grade marijuana.
Cannabis concentrate comes in many forms and …

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Cannabis Products Education / October 18, 2021

Exploring Cannabis Products Forms

Cannabis products come in different shapes, sizes and forms. However, unlike other commodities, specific cannabis formats also have different effects.
These products are meant for either ingestion or inhalation, and not meant to be interchanged. The common cannabis product formats are oil with a syringe, oral spray, vape concentrates, dried flowers, and soft gels.
To have a better understanding of the said cannabis product forms, here’s a brief outline:
Products for Ingestion
Oral Spray
Usage:  Ingestion
Onset of Effects:  30 mins – 2 hours
Benefits:  This is great for micro-…

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Cannabis Products Education / October 15, 2021

Understanding Cannabis Oils

Cannabis oil is extracted from cannabis plants. This extract has THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). However, the balance of these cannabinoids is reliant on the cannabis plants where it is sourced.  For instance, hemp plants have more CBD while skunk plants have more THC.
Oils used for medical purposes usually have higher CBD content compared to those used for recreation, which has a higher THC level.
Cannabis vs. Cannabis Oil
Cannabis is usually available in solid, dried plant, or resin form. Some are also grounded for easy consumption. Cannabis oil meanwhile is extracted from the plants and has …

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Cannabis Products Education / October 11, 2021

Cannabis Dried Flowers Explained

A cannabis flower is as unique in looks as it is in purpose. Interestingly, the flower bud of cannabis looks different from the common flowers you see around you. In place of the usual petals, are what is called buds, or clusters of tiny little flowers bunched together in a single stem.
Cannabis flowers have female and male flowers. Female flowers are preferred for medical purposes, as male flowers are known to have low levels of cannabinoids like THC.
A unique part of the cannabis flower is the thin hairs standing out of it. This is a convenient feature since it changes from white to reddish-brown once ready for harvest….

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