Cannabis Dried Flowers Explained

A cannabis flower is as unique in looks as it is in purpose. Interestingly, the flower bud of cannabis looks different from the common flowers you see around you. In place of the usual petals, are what is called buds, or clusters of tiny little flowers bunched together in a single stem.

Cannabis flowers have female and male flowers. Female flowers are preferred for medical purposes, as male flowers are known to have low levels of cannabinoids like THC.

A unique part of the cannabis flower is the thin hairs standing out of it. This is a convenient feature since it changes from white to reddish-brown once ready for harvest.

The cannabis flower is very versatile. It can be used in several ways, like rolled and smoked in a joint, vaporized, and added to food.

The Art of Drying Cannabis flowers

There is a whole new science behind the production of marijuana plants. Planting it and ensuring it is exposed to excellent weather conditions, crucial to its growth is just one part of the entire process. That can be considered the easy part.

Drying and curing cannabis buds is a vital part as the quality and flavor of your harvest rely on this.

If you want your cannabis to be potent, the buds have to be dried and cured immediately after harvest in a specially controlled environment. It is crucial to ensure that the temperature is maintained between 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and the humidity level is managed at the right level.

Not curing it properly will result in poor quality marijuana that has a low level of cannabinoids and THC.

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