Cannabis for HIV/AIDS Management

Cannabis has been associated with HIV/AIDS management. It is noteworthy to discuss at the onset that cannabis or marijuana is used to help with the symptoms associated with HIV/AIDS, but NOT with the treatment. It does not cure patients from this illness, prevent them from acquiring the disease, or even help make it possible for them to get cured of it.

Rather, it helps make life easier to deal with.

Research on this matter is not as extensive compared to other cannabis contributions to the management of other illnesses. However, we cannot just discount the benefits of cannabis where HIV/AIDS is concerned.

Here are some ways on how cannabis can alleviate HIV/AIDS-related symptoms:

  • Helps lessen peripheral neuropathic pain – This chronic condition is an effect of motor, automatic and sensory damage. This is possibly caused by the HIV side effects of some medications, or the result of some infections. Studies show that if taken regularly for at least 5 days, cannabis helps relieve the pain significantly and improves the quality of sleep.
  • Helps relieve chronic pain and nausea – One of the effects that come with HIV/AIDS is a severe muscle, nerve, and joint pain, as well as severe nausea. Relevant results were proven after one year of patient tests, to show a notable increase in quality of life and pain reduction.
  • Helps with mental health issues – Patients also claim to have improved well-being with the decline of depression, anxiety, and fatigue. As a result, there is an improvement in the feeling of optimism and self-confidence.

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